Wednesday 21 November 2018

sports bra manufacturers

Sports bras are the most important piece of workout clothing. These not only provide you with enough support and comfort during workout but helps to avoid muscle inflammation as well. Just like any other clothing you have to care for the sports bras properly too. Because leaving the sports bras messy and dirty can lead to serious skin problems like bacne. In fact,8 out of 10 women claim that they suffer from a serious case of bacne, especially after an intensive and sweaty workout. Bacne is mostly caused by repeatedly wearing sweaty and unclean bras, hence it is important that you clean them properly before you wear it for the next workout routine. Given in this blog are a few care techniques that you can implement to make your sports bras bacteria free.

How To Wash The Sports Bra

Ideally you should always check the bras tag for the washing instructions provided with wholesale sports bra. If they are not provided, then you have to follow the general washing rule here. Soak the bra in a tub of lukewarm water, remember that the temperature of the water cannot be too hot or too cold. After that add some mild liquid detergent in it, rub the fabric gently and wash off in cold water.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sports Bras

Generally, when it comes to cleaning workout clothes, they should be washed after each workout session. Given the hectic lifestyle that we all have now, people generally think of popping the bra in the machine, which is a big no-no. Hence, it will be advisable to work a little extra hard for it and wash it regularly after training.

Extend The Life Of Your Sports Bras

For those who have purchased custom sports bra wholesale know that it’s expensive given the quality of the bras that is provided by the manufacturer. Hence, considering it as a good investment, you should make the sports bras last longer. Properly caring for them and avoidance of mishandling can assure you a longevity of such fitness pieces.

When The Time Comes, Replace Your Bra

Intimate fitness wear like sports bras and compression shorts should be replaced every few years, depending upon the duration of the use. Also, you should check whether the fabric and the stitch lines are in bad condition before replacing. Bras with special ability like moisture wicking features tend to lose out on the power after several wear. Hence, determine when to change it by judging the functional power.

Retailers who want to include such sports bras in their collection can get in touch with customized sports bra manufacturers. Browse through their collection of fitness intimates and select the pieces that you want to include in your store and state the bulk needs to the help team.

Monday 2 July 2018

gym clothes wholesale

Are you the ultimate fitness junkie and love to dress up in the bright leggings and skimpy sports bras? Then 2018's summer will completely amaze you with the newest range of athletic wear options that range from colorful leotards, to cut out tanks and much more. Keeping the importance of comfort intact, the leading manufacturers are introducing the most versatile fitness essentials that fuse style and comfort proportionately and offer the most happening style statements to the fitness freaks.

Here are some of the interesting line of wholesale workout clothes that should be a part of your closet this summer, so that you can style them in a wide array of options, from classy to chic, girlie to tomboy.

The Energy Bras

Summer is the season when the warm weather drains your energy and hence looking good also takes a backseat. But with functional pieces like energy bras, you can get comfort as well as be satiated with the style you have a choice. The energy bras are known for offering good support for both cardio and lighter exercise, and also are created in a variety of prints, cuts, and designs. 

Leggings Are Important Investments

Your fitness fashion won't ever be complete without the best leggings made available in the market by the leading wholesale fitness apparel hubs. Go ahead with the sweat-wicking, stretchable and figure flattering colorful or monochromatic leggings that come with cropped bottom design and high waist style.

Keep Athleisure Close

Summers are all about sudden plans, and wearing the comfortable athletic clothes is a great option. Try our hands in athleisure and for this, the fitness fashion key pieces are extremely important. The paneled duotone sweat or a printed one would come to your rescue to look trippy in athleisure!

The Multipurpose Hoodie

The slightly chilly summer mornings or nights can be styled at the gym with the multipurpose hoodies that come in an assortment of styles and colors. These hoodies are extremely comfortable and can be worn for gym sessions and also on other occasions.

The Marble Trend Is In

You cannot escape the marble printed activewear pieces, that come in a dark and a light shaded combination. Be it the sports bra and sports leggings duo, or the tracksuits in marble prints, you should have marble patterned activewear pieces in your closet this summer.

Thus, go for the wow-worthy and budget-friendly gym clothes wholesale pieces to get the smartest athletic inspired looks.

Friday 18 May 2018

private label fitness clothing manufacturers

To begin with, if you are a private label owner looking to start your own fitness apparel business, then keep reading the blog because it solves your biggest issue- which fitness clothing pieces to add to the store collection that will impress the customers and maximize sale?

Your aim should be looking for those fitness apparels which are different from the regular one. For instance, a top that wicks moisture in the gym and looks endearing in a party. Sounds interesting right? Top private label manufacturers have designed similar pieces that work well in the gym and beyond. These apparels have clicked with the fashion-forward millennial. Want to know about the pieces? Here is it is summarized for you. 

Dressy Yoga Pants

A pant that looks dressy but is meant for yoga! Bam! That is everything all ladies have every wanted combined together. Rayon is the choice of the fabric here because of its ability to maximize comfort. dress pants need to have a texture of their own, and using rayon makes that possible. With dressy yoga pants which are designed exclusively by private label athletic apparel manufacturers, the wearer can get the best of both worlds. Dark solid shades are preferred to give these a more versatile approach. Wear these to the office or to the yoga session, comfort is guaranteed and so is a head-turning appeal.

A Hybrid Tank Top Tunic

Combining the features of a tank top with the appeal of a tunic, a hybrid version picks the best out of both and amalgamates these together for a stunning piece. The combination is usually made from a polyester and spandex blend so that it remains dry and spotless even after an intense session. Solid colors work just fine for the top. Cranberry, dark blue and green will give texture to the top while making it look dressy. You can add inputs with a flattering neckline, sleeves, and cutout detailing throughout. These gym-meets-work tops can be easily tweaked, and are exclusively available with the reputed private label fitness apparel manufacturers.

A Classy Hoodie

Hoodies have long been associated with a bulk appeal. No matter how sleek and slim these get, the volume a hoodie adds to the body might not be preferred by some, especially when it has to be worn outside the gym. Designed like a tunic with a subtle hooded neckline, also minus the sleeves is something you should definitely add to your catalog. Casual enough to be worn to a party and functional much to provide comfort during a session, the idea of a plain classic hoodie looking dressy can be attained by designing it smart and with thinner fabrics. 

So add these pieces to your store collection today if you want to reach out to your customers. Elegant and stylish, these fitness clothes are on trend and will definitely boost your reputation. Get in touch with private label fitness clothing manufacturers to add tweaks to the existing pieces. You can purchase these in bulk while availing massive discounts.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

blank fitness apparel

Fitness clothes have been subjected to much change over the last few years. However, most of the time, the clothes have no appeal, often looking bland and mundane. To break the curse of ordinary gym clothing, enthusiasts have introduced new prints and patterns that can be showcased on the fitness garments. Appealing and fashionable, the motifs are truly amazing and have been summarized as given here.

Plaid Pattern Combined With Floral Prints

Plaid itself seems like the classy pick for any and all clothing. But the incorporation of floral prints with the motif is fresh and innovative, to say the least. Both plaid and floral designs share popularity with the millennial fashion enthusiasts. Hordes of flowers scattered over the plaid give a feminine appeal. Featuring them on the different gym apparels is a nifty move. The common colors for plaid remain, like red, black, blue, brown, green, grey and white. The floral motif is used complementing the plaid pattern.

Colorful Tropical Prints

As far as most tropical prints are concerned, color is the most important aspect. You can have an abundance of a palm tree and coconut tree motifs on the gym clothes, but without the right shades to complement them, the theme would look extremely plain and bland. The key to getting the tropical print theme right, designers of blank fitness clothing have used light backgrounds. The prints are completed using bright hues that ensure to make the garments interesting. The heavy and strong print work showcases a sense of youth and modernity.

Folklore Art Prints

Folk prints have been around for a very long time. Dense and delicate, folk art is endearing as it combines contrasting colors and exaggerated prints. The striking contrast is what makes this particular print motif stand out on blank fitness apparel. The most common shades used are vibrant orange, mauve, and turquoise. Decorative prints lend a bright and vivid appeal to the otherwise simple and dark background. Gym clothes featuring this particular motif looks enduring and appealing.

Thus, don,t just stick to your old clothes when going to the gym. Try something different! Try something classy and elegant. Go for bright prints and vibrant colors to stand out with charm incomparable when working out. Fitness clothing manufacturers have pieces showcasing the above-mentioned pieces in abundance. Retailers can buy them in bulk while availing massive discounts.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

athletic apparel wholesale

Gone are the days when going to the gym for getting a fit body did not have anything to do with dressing up stylishly. Wearing something interesting for the workout sessions was regarded as intimidating, and the notion has completely changed today. Recently, the athletic fashion statement has been creating a lot of rage in the global fashion scene, and we are getting exposed to a brand new activewear looks in the vicinity, be in on screen through the celebs or the ramp shows by the models.

Sporting the best activewear pieces and accessories in the newest trend of the global fashion scene today, and we must wear the right pair of clothes to elevate our performance and confidence while working out.

Here are some of the intriguing styles statements for 2018 possible in the fresh athletic apparel wholesale collections made available to us by the manufacturing brands.

Keep It Simple With A Neutral Look

Though you can add colors to your gym look, still there are women who prefer to keep things simple and low key. For them, the casual looks in black, white and grey would be grey. You can simply wear the white paper tee with a black sports bra and grey gym pants. Also, you can go for the sporty navy color bra top, grey-navy sweatpants and pastel blue sneakers, and layer this with a navy-white striped high-neck long-sleeve top for chilly weather conditions.

The Abstract Prints

If you wish to add colors to your regular and monotonous gym classes, you can do so with the sublimation abstract printed leggings teamed with a single colored top, tee or bra. You can bring some innovativeness to the look by wearing the abstract print leggings paired with matching print fitness bra-top, layered with white sleeveless hoodie and colourful runners.

The Retro Phase

Go back to your retro phase as you wear the crop top with the fitness pant. This is a classic style statement that you can create easily for the gym sessions. You can complete the look with a good pair of colourful sneakers and a neutral colored hooded jacket.

Look Fresh And Funky

Look refreshing and preppy in the sports bra-top, athletic shorts and kicks in light blue color and add funk to this mono-color outfit by adding neon pale yellow fitness t-shirt.

Thus, be it the printed activewear or wholesale blank fitness apparel, you have to be creative to wear them in different ways.