Wednesday 18 October 2017

The Next 3 Big Trends In The Fitness Circuit To Be Aware Of

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With 2018 almost here and the number of people joining the fitness bandwagon increasing steadily, it is time to update the workout regimes with new trends. So what will be the fitness trends of 2018? What should we anticipate for? Here is a comprehensive list of the predicted regimes that are going to sweep the 2018 fitness scenes.

Light Intensity Interval Training

While those 15-20 minutes of intensive burpees and battle ropes has made the heart race this year, next year, you need to slow down a bit and let your heart catch a break. 2018 is going to be the year of light intensity interval training or LIIT. They are like the cousin of the HIIT as they burn the same amount of calories but only are spanned over a period of 30-40 minutes. The intensity is definitely not brutal and allows you to catch your breath. In LIIT, you can walk for 40 minutes and become healthy overall. Easy right?

Working In The Virtual Reality

Custom gym clothing and gear are being designed by the top manufacturers to suit the world of virtual reality. With technology seemingly becoming the motivating force in the world, next year we will see it penetrating the fitness circuits as well. Working out in the virtual reality will become a thing! Fitness games will invade the scene. And the best thing about it, you won't even have to leave your living room. Just plug it in with your television set and get going. Jumping, pivoting, running and crouching will become all the more fun and easy in the world you wish were true.

Team Workouts

While working out alone in the gym can be peaceful and performance enhancing, humans are more susceptible to reflect more when under direct competition. Team workouts will be aiming for the same. Putting the fitness enthusiasts in big groups and letting them workout together will not only give everyone a reason to compete, but also bond. The sense of excitement will motivate people and help them achieve more.

Thus, with only a few months left for 2017 to end, welcome 2018 with these exclusive fitness trends. Wholesale gym clothing suppliers are designing clothes that will retort with the above fitness regimes. Retailers can make a bulk purchase of the same in bulk while also securing massive discounts.

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